MBAD African Bead Museum now enters its next phase as a civic and cultural leader.  The purpose of the fundraising campaign, which matches a $100,000 grant from the Knight Foundation, is to restore a collapsed building on site to serve three program functions:

1. To provide a new gallery space for exhibitions and programs

2. To accomodate K-12 school tours and serve as multi-purpose community gathering space

3. To provide safe climate-controlled storage for Dabls' significant collection of African art

The design and construction is spearheaded in kind by Lorcan O'Herlihy Architects and aims to provide a museum-quality setting that amplifies the strong, creative identity and energy embedded in the existing spaces.


Why now? Why Detroit? Why does your support matter?


Detroit's future is in its neighborhoods.  MBAD African Bead Museum is in a unique position as a cultural institution born of and growing in a neighborhood. MBAD African Bead Museum is a cornerstone for the soon-to-be Africa Town at the intersection of New Center and Northwest Detroit.

The expansion of the museum provides an important cultural anchor from Detroit’s booming Downtown and Midtown while opening a connection to the West Side, home to Artist Village, The Redford Theatre, the Historic Avenue of Fashion, and The University of Detroit.